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Kirsten Powers on being a liberal at Fox News

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Without actually saying it, journalist and Democratic pundit Kirsten Powers revealed a basic truth this week: that conservative are the true people lovers, whereas liberals’ attention remains fixed on the bottom line.

In Real Clear Politics’ “Morning Commute,” interviewer Carl Cannon asked Powers how conservatives at Fox News, where she is a frequent contributor, treated her.

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Before she answered, Cannon told her that when conservative columnist David Brooks moved over to The New York Times, he couldn’t find a single co-worker who would have linch with him, even though commentator David Warren calls Brooks the sort of conservative liberals like.

Powers was surprised at the Brooks story, and said, “People are real nice at Fox,” she said. “They’ve been really great to me.”

She did admit, however, that liberals get upset if she doesn’t stick up for the president no matter what. “If they see me saying something critical [about Obama], they get mad,” she admitted.

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