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‘I Am A Ukrainian’ video goes viral; brave young woman pleads for help

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The clip is being called “a must-see video of a Ukrainian girl asking the world for help against oppression & corruption.” It has gone viral and left an impression on millions of people.

A brief description from the Facebook page linked to the You Tube video:

This is Yulia. She is a post-graduate student in literature. After the first people were killed on Hrushevskogo Street she posted about it on Facebook. She felt like screaming about everything that had been happening in the country. Her friend suggested to make the video of the same statement for more people to see and hear her. They made the video on Hrushevskogo next to the destroyed makeshift hospital. It was very cold then and her speech is uneven sometimes. ” I wanted to show that here I am – a person. If you say there are radicals and terrorists in our streets, then I am a terrorist too,” explains Yulia.

Michele Kirk


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