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Home invaders mess with wrong ‘locked, loaded’ mom

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A Detroit mom protecting her young children opened fire on three thugs trying to break into her home Monday night.

The incident was recorded by surveillance cameras that were installed after a botched break-in two weeks earlier,
and the video has since gone viral.

“I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house,” the mom told local ABC affiliate WXYZ, 7 Action News. “They said, ‘No you don’t,’ so I shot off the first round. I wasn’t feeling anything at the moment. I got scared afterwards.”

Sgt. Michael Woody had a word of warning for other would-be burglars, after arresting all three the suspects in the case.

“We don’t have any more patience in this city,” Woody told 7 Action News. “We will get you. We will find you. And you will go to jail.”

Detroit’s police chief said the mom “did the right thing” in giving a verbal warning before she fired.

Watch the report here via 7 Action News:

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