Al Sharpton: Blacks are slaves again without minimum wage hike

The Rev. Al Sharpton played the race card once again likening the minimum wage with slavery, following a meeting with President Obama on Tuesday. Sharpton, along with a group of […]

Hannity, Coulter clash on anniversary of tea party

Conservative authorAnn Coulter and Fox host Sean Hannity used Wednesday’s anniversary of the rant that launched the tea party movement to mix it up on Hannity’s program […]

Kirsten Powers on being a liberal at Fox News

  Without actually saying it, journalist and Democratic pundit Kirsten Powers revealed a basic truth this week: that conservative are the true people lovers, whereas liberals’ attention […]

ocare final
Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Obamacare-care’ spoof mocks Dem disaster again

Late night comedy writers might be the only people who actually did benefit from the nightmare health-care legislation the Democrats forced on America. Jimmy Kimmel cracked himself up on Wednesday’s […]

Foolish Dem pushes for ‘smart guns’ that only fire in owner’s hands

A Massachusetts liberal has announced a proposal to require new guns to be equipped with features that will limit who can fire them, but the American public […]

‘I Am A Ukrainian’ video goes viral; brave young woman pleads for help

The clip is being called “a must-see video of a Ukrainian girl asking the world for help against oppression & corruption.” It has gone viral and left an […]

Newsmen Brian Williams, Lester Holt sing ‘Rappers Delight’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

New “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon found a good use for the liberal blah, blah, blah that often comes out of mainstream media’s NBC News. Watch Brian […]

Bush salutes America’s military: ‘The 1 percent who kept the 99 percent safe’

In a speech Wednesday before the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative summit, former President George W. Bush demonstrated once again why he continues to be respected and […]

Senior Obama official told ‘House of Cards’ actress: Reporters sleep with sources, DC more sleazy than Hollywood

The “House of Cards” star who plays a scheming Second Lady has learned one thing from the gig: D.C. is even sleazier than Hollywood – and that’s […]

Satan cut from ‘Son of God’ to avoid Obama controversy

An upcoming movie based on the popular miniseries, “The Bible,” will not contain scenes with Satan, the producers announced Monday. The miniseries sparked controversy controversy last year […]

Obama Golf
‘Obamas are abusing perks of public office,’ WH in cover-up mode, says Fitton

In the wake of President Obama’s 23rd vacation, Judicial Watch estimated the first family has milked the public trough for more than $18 million in hotel and […]

Shockwaves over Obama administration’s plan to put government monitors in newsrooms

Despite congressional opposition, the Federal Communications Commission plans to send researchers to oversee TV and radio newsrooms, casting what promises to be a chill on freedom of […]