Mom buys entire stock of PacSun’s indecent T-shirts to get them off shelves

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When a mall clothing store refused to remove its window display of “pornographic” T-shirts, a Utah woman did what any other self-respecting mom would do — she bought up the store’s entire stock to keep them out of the public eye.

Judy Cox noticed the display at a PacSun store — a youth-oriented retail chain — while she was shopping Saturday with her 18-year-old son. Each shirt featured a provocative image of a less-than-fully-dressed woman, according to the Associated Press.

She said that when she complained, the store manager told her he couldn’t remove the display without approval, so she bought out the store’s entire stock — almost $600 worth.

“These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall,” Cox told the Associated Press in an email.

Now for the zinger: She plans to return her purchase just before the store’s 60-day return policy deadline.

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