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Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe responds to firestorm over new Walmart ad

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“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe appeared on CNN Wednesday to discuss a new Walmart ad that has the left in an uproar — Rowe narrated the commercial that highlights Walmart’s pledge to spend $250 billion on American-made products over the next ten years.

Walmart is a frequent target of organized labor and their proxies, such as OUR Walmart, who use low wages as a talking point in the ongoing effort to unionize the nation’s largest retailer.

Suggesting to CNN host Erin Burnett that “context matters,” Rowe shared his views on “who’s ‘The One Percent’ and who’s not,” The Daily Caller reported.

“I’ve spent 10 years crawling through sewers, painting bridges, sexing chickens, milking camels,” he explained. “I worked with people who don’t have time to talk about who’s got it worse and who’s got it better.”

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“The jobs on ‘Dirty Jobs,’ to a T, were opportunities,” he continued. “And that was the big lesson. That’s what people looked at. It wasn’t about, ‘There’s more over here, there’s less over here.’ It was about, ‘What can I do to advance faster?’”

As for income inequality, Rowe said, “The idea that everybody who’s poor, and everybody who’s in the middle, and everybody who’s wealthy stays there their whole life — that I don’t believe.”

Saying he thinks “there’s a lot of moving back and forth” between the various classes, Rowe added, “It’s dangerous to say, ‘This group is always going to be in this spot.’”

That’s a whole lot of common sense coming from such a disarmingly polite and charming man!

Tom Tillison


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