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TV newsman’s dead-on, hilarious video: Why ‘Republicans Are Winning the PR Battle Over Obamacare’

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If the political editor for Fox’s affiliate in Tampa is looking for a gig producing late-night comedy, a segment from last week making fun of Obamacare is a hilarious start.

foxtampa0218The commentary Thursday by Craig Patrick on WTVT-TV, which meshes clips from President Obama and his Democrat allies tying themselves in knots trying to explain this train wreck of a law, has been an Internet hit explaining why “Republicans Are Winning the PR Battle Over Obamacare.”

Among other things, the video shows why the libs don’t want to call it it “Obamacare” at all. When the president’s name is attached, even people you’d think might be behind it think it’s a bad idea.

As Saul Alinsky put it when he was writing the “Rules for Radicals,” and something the late-night libs have learned so well, “laughter is man’s potent weapon.”

Patrick wields the weapon well.

Check it out here.

H/T: The Blaze



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