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Fox’s David Webb comes down hard on Dem strategist, NAACP: ‘Stop parsing the BS’

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Fox News contributor David Webb schooled a Sean Hannity guest who danced around the NAACP’s silence in the wake of attacks on black conservatives, demanding, “Can we stop parsing the BS?”

Hannity asked Democratic strategist Richard Fowler Monday why groups like the NAACP and so-called civil rights activists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never support conservative blacks when racial slurs are hurled their way.

Although acknowledging a recent attack on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “was out of line,” Fowler defended the NAACP, saying the organization “stands up for issues that affect black folks all across the country.”

Webb cut in with his own take

“Screw the explanations,” he said. “Keep the apologies. The NAACP does not defend ‘colored people,’ which is under their name; it defends those that agree with them.”

Webb spent the remaining five minutes destroying Fowler, Sharpton, Jackson and the NAACP.

Watch the exchange via Fox News, then check out, “Ann Coulter: If Obama wasn’t first black American president he’d be impeachable.”


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