Crist plays race card: Republicans didn’t like Obama hug because he’s ‘an African-American’

obama-crist-kiss-hugGiven his newfound base, it was only a question of time before Charlie Crist played the race card.

The former Republican governor of Florida, who is now running for the same seat as a Democrat, was on “The Colbert Report” last week hawking his new book, “The Party’s Over,” CNS News reported.

It was inevitable that Crist would be asked about the infamous embrace of President Barack Obama when he came to Florida in 2009 to plug his $787 billion stimulus package, a moment Crist said, “changed the rest of my life.”

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When asked why the incident had such a negative impact on his career, the amorphous politician responded by injecting race into the equation for what may be the first time.

“Several reasons, I think,” Crist said. “Number one, he was there to talk about the Recovery Act, the stimulus. And a lot of Republicans took issue with that. Sadly, I think another part of it was that he was a Democrat, but not just a Democrat, an African-American.”

“Oh, you’re not going to play the race card,” Colbert said.

“I’m not going to play it, no,” replied the man who just played the race card.

“You just did, you just did – would you like to pick it up again and put it in your pocket?” Colbert asked. “Because you just played the race card.”

Yep, Charlie Crist is fitting in very nicely as a Democrat.

Tom Tillison


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