Nancy Grace hits Piers Morgan: The Brit’s ‘back on gun control again’

A CNN panel discussion on the Michael Dunn “thug music” murder trial took on a revolutionary flare Monday night when HLN host Nancy Grace turned her fire […]

John Guandolo
Counterterrorism conference threatens to blow up on VA sheriff

CULPEPER, Va. – The Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a counterterrorism program conducted by a controversial former FBI agent – and catching flak for it. John […]

Unappetizing: Restaurant adds 3% Obamacare surcharge to every bill

While selling his signature healthcare plan to the country, President Obama made a lot of promises that proved not to be true. A promise he did not […]

TV newsman’s dead-on, hilarious video: Why ‘Republicans Are Winning the PR Battle Over Obamacare’

If the political editor for Fox’s affiliate in Tampa is looking for a gig producing late-night comedy, a segment from last week making fun of Obamacare is […]

Brain-dead on campus: Students can’t name any of the Bill of Rights

For once, political prankster Mark Dice wasn’t laughing out loud at the seemingly brain-dead college students who will lead this world one day. Instead, he chastised and […]

Expert: ‘School shooting’ report released to Congress is a ‘misinformed, misguided scare tactic’

Gun control proponents are pushing their agenda with alarmist data that seek to misinform the public. Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense […]

ERic Cantor
Future Speaker? Eric Cantor blasts Obama on foreign policy: ‘Hope is not a strategy’

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia chastised the Obama administration for its vacillation in world affairs, offering a bolder approach in a speech Monday at the […]

Clock ticking on talks to free American soldier held by Taliban

With the clock running down on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the Obama administration is picking up efforts to arrange a prisoner swap to free […]

National archives
Watch: Bret Baier goes inside for a look at the National Archives

The well-organized traveler heading to our nation’s capital would know to purchase tickets in advance to tour the National Archives Museum. For the rest of us, it’s […]

Crist plays race card: Republicans didn’t like Obama hug because he’s ‘an African-American’

Given his newfound base, it was only a question of time before Charlie Crist played the race card. The former Republican governor of Florida, who is now […]

Lech Walesa 2009
Lech Walesa ‘disillusioned’ with Obama: He ‘wasn’t ready’ to be world leader

President Obama “wasn’t ready” to lead the world’s dominant superpower when he was elected, former Polish President Lech Walesa said Sunday in an interview on “NewsmaxTV.” The […]

Under Obama, US tumbles to 46th place for freedom of the press

The administration President Obama has repeatedly described as “the most transparent in history” plummeted from 33rd to 46th in the world for freedom of information over the […]