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Obama congratulates half-brother on marriage, but where’s the gift?

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President Obama took a moment Friday to make a congratulatory call to his half-brother on his wedding day.

Obama and brother Ben
President Obama and his half-brother Ben in 2007. Photo credit – Daily Mail

Ben Obama, 42, married Lily Achoch, 33, in a small civil ceremony at the Oxfordshire, England, registry office, according to the Daily Mail.

“It was great hearing him because Barack’s the most important politician in the world and is naturally extremely busy,” Ben Obama told the Daily Mail. “But he took time out for family matters, wishing me and Lily hearty congratulations. He told me he was looking forward to meeting her and that will happen soon.”

Ben Obama joked that his half-brother didn’t say anything about sending a wedding gift.

“Perhaps it’s in the post,” he said. “I hope so.”

Ben Obama visited the president in the Oval Office shortly after his 2008 election, and the two spoke recently after the shopping mall bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, where Ben Obama owns a restaurant. He is the son of the president’s father, Barack Obama Sr., and the president’s stepmother, Kezia.

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