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Florida Five: ‘Loud music’ verdict brings call to change ‘stand your ground’; Sink refuses national debate

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For the day’s top political stories in the Sunshine State, start with the Florida Five:

Photo: Bob Mack/NY Times
Photo: Bob Mack/NY Times

“Loud music” verdict sparks calls to change Fla self-defense law: Critics of Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law are using the verdict in the murder trial of Michael Dunn to showcase their argument that state laws should be changed. Dunn was convicted on three counts of second-degree attempted murder, but the jury could not reach a verdict on first- or-second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis after about 30 hours of deliberations. Read more.

Sink rejects national debate offer: first congressional race of 2014 is drawing national attention – but it’s not the kind of attention the Democrat in the race is looking for. Alex Sink, the Democratic nominee for governor four years ago, turned down an offer to have NBC’s Chuck Todd host her debate with Republican David Jolly…Read more.

Mayor ‘furious’ over Dems’ allegation of voter suppression at UF: The student union building at the University of Florida doesn’t pass as an early voting site — a Florida Division of Elections ruling Democrats have seized upon to accuse Gov. Rick Scott of “voter suppression.”

But Republicans have begun to fight back, with Gainesville Mayor Ed Braddy leading the charge. Braddy isn’t taking political gamesmanship in his town lying down, especially when he thinks Democrats are courting UF students with deception, not facts. Read more.

charliecristCrist blasted for Cuba remarks: Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist is taking heat for his call to lift the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba — the latest episode in which Democrats and Republicans have attacked him for flip-flopping on everything from policy to his choice of political party. Crist, now a Democrat, was squeezed from both sides earlier this week after saying he was in favor of lifting the 52-year-old embargo on communist Cuba, calling it an obviously “failed” policy that needs revamping. Read more.

Sink on increased unemployment due to Obamacare – an “exciting prospect”: Democratic congressional hopeful Alex Sink told a Tampa Bay TV station this week that the expectation Obamacare will lead to a loss of 2.5 million jobs creates an “exciting prospect.” Read more.

Double Holiday Bonus:  Rep. Rooney: Health care law a ‘breach of faith’ to seniors

Fla. school board member stuns on live TV; creepy, cryptic message about Islam, 9/11 codes

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