Dead robber’s stun gun was no match for 76-year-old’s real gun

A 76-year-old man faced down a much younger attempted robber last weekend, outmatching his stun gun with the real thing and killing him in the process.

“I just shot somebody who was trying to rob me,” the Lincolnville, S.C. man told a 911 dispatcher, according to WCSC Live-5 News. The incident happened in his own driveway, and it wasn’t the first time he’s been victimized.

The victim told police that as he was walking to his car in his driveway, he was approached by a 25-year-old, later identified as Robert Deziel, who tried to stun him.

“I shot about three times before I hit him, because he had me on the ground trying to tase me,” the man told the dispatcher. “And I finally got one in him.”

Live-5 News reported:

Deziel was found lying in front of the carport, and pronounced dead by EMS on scene. According to a sheriff’s office spokesman, a stun gun was found at the scene.

The homeowner was taken to Trident Medical Hospital to be treated for injuries that he sustained during the incident. According to the incident report, it appeared that he ‘was struck in the face’. The homeowner also had abrasions on his hands.

Neighbors told the TV station about increased criminal activity in the area. “It’s just another day in Lincolnville,” one said.

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