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Ann Coulter: If Obama wasn’t first black American president he’d be impeachable

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America has already reached the bottom of executive abuse of power’s “slippery slope,” but because Obama is “America’s first black president,” he’ll never be impeached, conservative columnist Ann Coulter told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

Coulter said Obama has misused his executive power in three troubling ways: with “disregard of the Obamacare law, disregard of immigration law and disregard of the drug laws.”

His only legislative power comes from “his veto pen,” she said, but “he’s vetoing legislation by refusing to enforce it.”

“This is the bottom of the slippery slope,” Coulter said. “And I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.”

It’s not the number of executive orders that troubles Coulter, it’s that he’s abusing his power. The orders are designed to supplement existing law, not change or create new laws.

Watch the exchange via RightSightings, which will air Sunday night on Fox News, then check out “Love it or hate it, Cadillac’s new ad creates big political controversy.”


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