Love it or hate it, Cadillac’s new ad creates big political controversy

A new Cadillac ad has become a bone of contention between conservatives and liberals, inspiring fans and irritating critics.

Purportedly meant to sell Cadillac’s new electric vehicle, the ELR, the commercial is an in-your-face statement on what capitalism has brought America — while thumbing its nose at European socialism.

Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig told Neil Caluto Friday on “Your World” that the commercial “celebrates America’s essential sense of life.”

I agree. Its celebration of American ingenuity and work ethic is powerful. More politically correct types find it insulting and grating — like fingernails on a blackboard. And that’s all the more reason to like it.

Watch the commercial and commentary via Fox News, then check out “Photo: The heartbreaking face of Common Core.”


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