Fla. Dem Alex Sink: Increased unemployment from Obamacare an ‘exciting prospect’

Democratic congressional hopeful Alex Sink told a Tampa Bay TV station this week that the expectation Obamacare will lead to a loss of 2.5 million jobs creates an “exciting prospect.”

“We had this CBO report that predicted that the workforce would shrink as a result of the Affordable Care Act as people chose to cut back on their working hours so they qualify for health care assistance,” a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times said. “What was your reaction to this? Is that a devastating effect of Obamacare?”

“Oh absolutely not,” Sink shot back. “Actually, it’s kind of an exciting prospect.”

Sink was quick to mimic Obama’s talking points, saying high unemployment is good, but low unemployment is good, too.

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Sink, Florida’s former chief financial officer, is running in a March 11 special election to replace District 13’s GOP Rep. Bill Young, who died Oct. 18. She’ll be facing off against Republican David Jolly, a lawyer and Young’s former general counsel

Watch the excerpt of the full interview, which will air in its entirety Sunday on Tampa Bay’s “Political Connections”:

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30 thoughts on “Fla. Dem Alex Sink: Increased unemployment from Obamacare an ‘exciting prospect’

  1. francoamerian says:

    Is there any doubt that Liberalism is a form of mental illness? I am not trying to be funny. This woman is proof of it. What a nutcase she is! The scary part is that some people will believe her.

  2. catdog8 says:

    i love how all these dems are recalling the many people that have and are approaching them complaining that they really don’t like their jobs but need the health coverage so they are stuck there. what’s amazing to me is (a) how come you’ve never mentioned them before and (b) how do you intend to support all these people that will quit their jobs and then of course go on welfare along with obamacare? do they understand its usually the middle class that work these jobs that they don’t “love” to provide for themselves and their families and its the same middle class that supports the rest of the country.

  3. jstanch says:

    “High unemployment is good”? Seriously?

  4. DrCrimwitt says:

    Liberals are by far the most stupid people on the planet.

  5. Lucktoday says:

    The sick thing is she is ahead in the polls by 10 points. Pinellas County is full of dumbasses.

    1. Michael Lang says:

      She is now behind Jolly.

  6. P00dy says:

    This is Such Bullshit. Oh oooops can I write that?

  7. go4it says:

    Wow! Part-time employment is such a *good* thing?!?!? P/T employees – by and large – get treated like dirt because they have no seniority ……. P/T employees already have one foot out the door in many jobs. They are powerless. Not eligible for a company pension; generally, no paid vacation time – you take off, it’s outta yer own pocket. Only F/T workers – more than 40 hours / week get “overtime” pay ….. Don’t like that?!?!? You get fired or can simply take a hike. P/T work is – truly – living on the edge of disaster.

    Keep voting Democratic and this is the rising tsunami of *TOTAL* governmental takeover – and control – of the lives of 99% of all Americans. The dreaded 1% will remain in “siezed” power – not elected.

    Watch ………….

  8. Bubblegum199 says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how stupid liberal women are.

  9. spotswood says:

    My jaw was on the floor at the idiocy of this woman. Any one who spouts this line thinking lives in a parallel universe

  10. Johnny says:

    Let’s get voter ID. We can’t vote them out without it.

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