Fla. Dem Alex Sink: Increased unemployment from Obamacare an ‘exciting prospect’

Democratic congressional hopeful Alex Sink told a Tampa Bay TV station this week that the expectation Obamacare will lead to a loss of 2.5 million jobs creates an “exciting prospect.”

“We had this CBO report that predicted that the workforce would shrink as a result of the Affordable Care Act as people chose to cut back on their working hours so they qualify for health care assistance,” a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times said. “What was your reaction to this? Is that a devastating effect of Obamacare?”

“Oh absolutely not,” Sink shot back. “Actually, it’s kind of an exciting prospect.”

Sink was quick to mimic Obama’s talking points, saying high unemployment is good, but low unemployment is good, too.

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Sink, Florida’s former chief financial officer, is running in a March 11 special election to replace District 13’s GOP Rep. Bill Young, who died Oct. 18. She’ll be facing off against Republican David Jolly, a lawyer and Young’s former general counsel

Watch the excerpt of the full interview, which will air in its entirety Sunday on Tampa Bay’s “Political Connections”:


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