Fla. Dem Alex Sink: Increased unemployment from Obamacare an ‘exciting prospect’

Democratic congressional hopeful Alex Sink told a Tampa Bay TV station this week that the expectation Obamacare will lead to a loss of 2.5 million jobs creates an “exciting prospect.”

“We had this CBO report that predicted that the workforce would shrink as a result of the Affordable Care Act as people chose to cut back on their working hours so they qualify for health care assistance,” a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times said. “What was your reaction to this? Is that a devastating effect of Obamacare?”

“Oh absolutely not,” Sink shot back. “Actually, it’s kind of an exciting prospect.”

Sink was quick to mimic Obama’s talking points, saying high unemployment is good, but low unemployment is good, too.

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Sink, Florida’s former chief financial officer, is running in a March 11 special election to replace District 13’s GOP Rep. Bill Young, who died Oct. 18. She’ll be facing off against Republican David Jolly, a lawyer and Young’s former general counsel

Watch the excerpt of the full interview, which will air in its entirety Sunday on Tampa Bay’s “Political Connections”:

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30 thoughts on “Fla. Dem Alex Sink: Increased unemployment from Obamacare an ‘exciting prospect’

  1. flybarb says:

    She might even win!!! Republicans voted for a Lobbiest, Why? Now we have a lobbies and this nut, who do we choose? Also, a libertarian, why bother and screw things up. Its always the same thing, I will vote for the lobbyist so we don’t get this nut in Washington. I hate doing that over and over again.

    1. Mujo67 says:

      Unfortunately, with the short time frame for the special election, Republicans didn’t have much of a choice, nor the time to get to know the non-insider candidate. Primary voters had to choose between a lobbyist and DC insider, a local insider with way too many questions about her beliefs – including her refusal to answer a National Right to Work questionnaire – and an unknown former military man. The 3rd choice was probably the best, but there was no time for him to establish himself. Now you can vote for Jolly, or vote for the Libertarian Overby and hand Sink the election.

  2. Michael Lang says:

    Why is it that Democrats are such imbeciles? I suggest Jolly runs ads of this. It will doom her.

  3. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

    I wish I lived in a fantasy world full of unicorns and fairly dust where I get to eat my cake and have it too.

  4. Karena Bowers Morrison says:

    Once again, the real alternative has been left out of this report. Lucas Overby, the qualified Libertarian candidate in this Special Election who has been listening to the voters since February 2013, is the one true candidate ‘of’ the people. Might want to completely research the entire story before filing a report.

    1. Tomas Gilbert says:

      Nice to see someone has a clue. Its always the same crap. You see these two throwing hate at each other, barley any positives coming out these groups, and no one mentions the real prospect. Reminds me of an election not too long ago. not in a Galaxy far far away.

  5. Guest 101 says:

    I hope she keeps talking she is sinking her self. She is such an idiot!!!

  6. Tomas Gilbert says:

    Funny/sad, no one ever mentions the Libertarian running. If you really want to get rid of the BS. Try this guy out. Lucas Overby

  7. merleliz says:

    I love how they spin unemployment to be a “good” thing, as if the only reason people work is to get health insurance. What about the mortgage payment, food, utilities, clothing, kids shoes, car note, gas in the car…does Obamacare provide for all these things too, you IDIOT?!

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