teacher with gun
Wyoming bill allowing teachers to bring guns to schools advances

A Wyoming bill that would allow school employees with concealed carry permits to bring guns to school passed its first hurdle in the House of Representatives on […]

koch bros 2
Liberal punching bags, the Koch brothers, are not even in top 50 political donors in America

Supposedly nefarious Republican moneybags, Charles and David Koch, don’t even come close to making the hit parade of America’s biggest political kahunas, according to information compiled by […]

Pizza and pot: Marijuana industry provides home delivery service

It is a little known fact that businesses in the budding legal marijuana industry provide home delivery of the weed sold in dispensaries. An option that allows […]

MSNBC host Toure’s odd race rant: ‘Let’s give white people their own race card!’

Maybe MSNBC should think twice before letting its inflammatory liberal hosts sip wine before going on the air. Host Toure’ ranted about Black History month Friday, after […]

George Soros asks judge to keep ex-lover’s details private to prevent his ’embarrassment’

George Soros wants the dirty details revealed about him during his legal battle with his half-century younger ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr kept from the public. Attorneys for Soros, […]

Obamas enjoy another round of separate vacations; must be nice

After a grueling Valentine’s Day promoting Obamacare and fending off reports of “phony scandals,” President and Michelle Obama headed off for another fabulous vacation — separately. He’s […]

Obamacare enrolling illegals in California; turns out Obama does lie (again)

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was widely condemned for shouting, “You lie!” while President Barack Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress on health care. The […]

Real congressmen impersonate ‘House of Cards’ famous character

NowThis News got fans of the award-winning Netflix original series, “House of Cards,” ready for the new season Friday by finding real-life politicians to pretend to be […]

Nancy Pelosi offers ‘stellar’ liberal marriage advice: Don’t do it!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered marriage advice to single women this past Valentine’s Day: “Why would you get married? Why would anybody?” NowThis News published the […]

Tom Rooney weekly address
Rep. Rooney: Health care law a ‘breach of faith’ to seniors

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Fla., slammed Obamacare’s impact on seniors during his weekly Republican address Saturday. “Seniors in my district are experiencing firsthand higher costs and lost […]

caddy ad
Love it or hate it, Cadillac’s new ad creates big political controversy

A new Cadillac ad has become a bone of contention between conservatives and liberals, inspiring fans and irritating critics. Purportedly meant to sell Cadillac’s new electric vehicle, […]

Judge Wright-Allen
Federal judge confuses America’s founding documents in gay-marriage ruling

It’s a mistake any middle school civics teacher would fail you for – confusing the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. But when you are a […]