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Rush Limbaugh predicts 2014 to be a 2010-style conservative ‘wave’ of victory

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Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh predicts conservatives will see a “wave” of victory this year’s midterm elections reminiscent of the 2010 contests.

“I fully expect the 2014 midterms to be a wave election like 2010,” Limbaugh said during his radio show Wednesday. “I think the people of this country are gonna sweep Democrats out of office every chance they get, every opportunity they get — and I think there’s plenty of evidence for it right now. You don’t have Henry Waxman and these people retiring unless they know.”

Some Democrats would rather quit than be a member of the minority party, he said, adding that all they’re doing “is writing executive orders for Obama, with Sheila Jackson Lee.”

“If a guy like Waxman’s gonna quit,” he said, “believe me, this is all he knows. He doesn’t play golf. He doesn’t play shuffleboard. He uses nasal spray, but that’s about it.

Glenn Beck hinted on his Thursday show that Limbaugh could be onto something.

Democrats have polling data that proves 2014 will be big for Republicans, Limbaugh suggested.

“But here’s the thing — and I’m not trying to jinx anything: I think this is setting up every bit as big as 2010, if not bigger,” Limbaugh said. “The tea party, the American people are livid by what’s going on how they are. I mean, nobody on our side is uninformed or unprepared or not aware of what’s going on. They’re beside themselves. They don’t know what to do.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s prediction here via Daily Rushbo:

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