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Romance 101: Give your 2nd Amendment-supporting woman the gift of protection – in hot pink, please

Photo credit: www.ar15.com

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Do you really want to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Forget flowers and candy. In 21st century America, nothing says “I love you” quite like a hot-pink 9-mm Glock.

Gun shops in the Lone Star State are seeing a surge in sales, which is being encouraged by local officers. The Police Department in Rosenberg, Texas, even posted this public-service announcement on its Facebook page:

Public Safety Announcement…

Men…remember Valentines Day is about one week away…why not the gift of safety?

Women…tag or share with the one who needs a little nudge in the right gift giving direction…

But the trend isn’t limited to Texas. Guns are being snapped up by boyfriends and husbands across the country.

One Indiana shop owner agrees that, with the proper training, a firearm makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

“If you have someone who has made the decision that they are well-versed in the safe and lawful operation of a firearm, I can argue that yes, they may be more protected,” said Tim Tomich, owner of Tim’s Shooting Academy.

And that’s what we all want, isn’t it — to be assured that those we care about the most are well-protected?

“I think if you get the right type of woman, it would be romantic for her,” gun enthusiast Shannon Teal told ABC-57 News.

Watch the report via ABC-57. And if you want to see what not to give your special someone, check out “SNL’s hilarious Valentine’s Day ad every man must watch.”


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