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Mitt Romney: Obamacare’s an ‘unmitigated mess’; Obama’s lies ‘eroded capacity to lead’

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Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney noted the dichotomy between the fiction that the Obama administration presents the Affordable Care Act and the “unmitigated mess” of its reality.

The former governor weighed in after Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported that 90 percent of Americans say that Obamacare has had either a negative effect or no effect at all, according to a Fox News poll. Only 9 percent say they are better off.

Referring to the poll numbers, Romney called Obamacare an “unmitigated mess,” adding that President Obama lost the “confidence of the people” and “eroded the president’s capacity to lead” because of his oft-repeated broken promises.

Further “explicit recognition that the law isn’t working” is offered by the numerous delays and other changes Obama has made to the law since its October 1 rollout.

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