Iran TV mocking bricks
Iran TV mocks Obama’s bricks comment: ‘Take just one brick and knock it against your head’

An Iranian TV host mocked President Obama’s promise to punish those not honoring sanctions against Iran, saying the president should bang his own head with a brick. “We […]

The Valentine’s Day tweet that could land Obama in hot water

A picture of the first couple tweeted on Valentine’s Day is complimentary of the first lady, but it doesn’t appear to have been sent by her husband. […]

Why a federally funded medical center blocked Fox News from waiting room TV’s

A federally funded health care facility in Michigan took the extreme measure of having Fox News blocked on the televisions in its waiting room because it didn’t […]

Ohio Guard drill considered Second Amendment supporters as terrorist villains

An Ohio National Guard anti-terrorism drill conducted after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting used a terrorism scenario where the villains were “anti-government” activists interested “protecting gun […]

Report: Michigan union playing dangerous game by publishing ‘Freeloaders List’

After Michigan became a right-to-work state, making union membership no longer a requirement for employment in union shops, a union local began engaging in a practice so […]

WH Valentine message not going over so well: ‘Please shut up. Please’

The White House’s Valentine’s Day Twitter message is going over about as well as Obamacare has – it’s not. The WH tweeted its #GetCovered message on Thursday […]

deblasio roker
Al Roker defends harsh criticism of NYC mayor for not closing schools, but sorry for ‘one-term’ prediction

While winter hell unleashed its fury on New York City Thursday, NBC weatherman Al Roker unleashed his fury on Mayor Bill de Blasio for not closing schools. […]

Ay, caramba! Obama breaks out his bad Spanish to push Obamacare

In a sign of how desperately the administration needs to boost Obamacare numbers – or how poorly planned this whole operation was in the first place – […]

You’ll love Sen. Cruz’s Obamacare Valentine card

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, may just have that Valentine’s Day card that’s sure to please everyone. With Obamacare’s excessive costs, inadequate coverage and broken promises mounting […]

Mitt Romney: Obamacare’s an ‘unmitigated mess’; Obama’s lies ‘eroded capacity to lead’

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney noted the dichotomy between the fiction that the Obama administration presents the Affordable Care Act and the “unmitigated mess” of its […]

Concealed carry
Liberal court delivers big win for California’s concealed carry gun law

Of all places, a court in San Francisco has decided in favor of a citizen’s right to carry a concealed firearm. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of […]

Photo: The heartbreaking face of Common Core

If you want to see the true face of the Common Core curriculum, look no further than the children it’s being foisted upon. Then prepare to have […]