Obama in 2008: I will reverse ‘biggest problem’ . . . Bush abusing executive power, not going through Congress

Funny how Obama’s own words always come back to bite him and expose the biggest lies.

Not so funny. . . how the liberal, lapdog media don’t care.


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103 thoughts on “Obama in 2008: I will reverse ‘biggest problem’ . . . Bush abusing executive power, not going through Congress

  1. Doug says:

    If you highlight this you can have him out of office by Jan. 2017.

  2. Archie says:

    I get the feeling when Obama said those words he didn’t realize what an obstruction minded Congress he’d eventually get. The highly partisan state of Washington is disgusting and we all remember McConnell’s words “Our goal is to make him a one term President”. Now the Republican party is at the mercy of hard-right extremists things have only got worse.

    1. Toastertreat says:

      If by extreme you mean those who hold steady against the assault of communism? Does it worry you that the party of no is becoming party of F#$% No? Remember, we didn’t start the fire.

      1. Archie says:

        Communism ? How so ?

        1. Toastertreat says:

          For all the emphasis progressives have on, well, progressing, they don’t seem to be able to connect the dots about how we got here and where we’re headed. Not in the DNA i suppose. So let me answer the question with a question. What do you envision as the end game, given our current trajectory with a lawless president? Do you see freedom and liberty or totalitarianism? I see the latter if progressives keep on progressing.

          1. Archie says:

            “…given our current trajectory with a lawless president?” He has a ways to go yet. Obama was elected by both the electoral college and the popular vote that implies the majority of Americans want him AND his policies in power. Apparently the Republicans in Congress have missed this little snippet and seek to block him at every turn. it seems the only way he can get things done is by EO. Note, he hasn’t sent us to any wars of choice yet.

          2. For the record, members of Congress were also elected, and their constituents expect them to protect their rights from being rescinded by Obama and his thugs.

        2. Actually, Obama is more of a fascist and a Leninist than a Marxist. Regardless, Congress should block his actions and impeach him for violating his oath of office.

          1. Ole Man says:

            What violation? Just empty words you heard on Fox.

    2. Obama should be resisted. We do not want to lose any more of our liberties, and if preserving them means opposing Obama, so be it.

      1. Ole Man says:

        Please list the liberties you have lost since 2009 when President Obama was sworn in.

  3. JJBuck says:

    No brain, no headache. We got what we deserved…solid mediocrity.

  4. marvin nubwaxer says:

    the assertion is devoid of fact. the president has used executive order a similar number of times as other presidents. when the opposition party adopts a policy that opposes everything the president offers then something needs to happen.

  5. From The Obama Timeline:

    Although Obama portrays himself as having been a “Constitutional law professor”—and the media goes along—he was actually only a part-time law lecturer at the University of Chicago (1992–1996) and senior lecturer (1996–2004). A law lecturer is only one step up from a graduate student teaching introductory courses. Although constitutional law was the subject he allegedly taught, he was not a full law professor. Obama appears never to have published any law articles, reviews, opinions, or scholarly writings that are expected of faculty members. Obama was not a tenured professor and shied away from friendships with others on the staff. Interestingly, Obama did not seek a spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee when he became a U.S. Senator. One unnamed faculty member of the University of Chicago relates that Obama was “lazy, unqualified,” “never attended any of the faculty meetings,” and had the “lowest intellectual capacity in the building.”

  6. Josiah Peterson says:

    Just more proof that he knows the laws but chooses to ignore them. They all need to face appropriate charges.

  7. Phil says:

    And here’s a little comedy skit Obamao did on his last speaking tour.
    Sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out ya’ know?

  8. 19451951 says:

    Amazing transformation in Obama since 2008, from Bush whacker to Bush imitator, indeed exceeding his no longer evil deeds…. all happening to many noble intentioned pols when adapting to the DC pork sty stench. Forgotten are all his promises to the gullible college kids and black voters and their small change support as he now caters to the upper crust and Big Business.

  9. working4change says:


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