MSNBC host throws Clinton under the bus: ‘Don’t run Hillary. Don’t run’

In an apparent turn against Hillary Clinton’s anticipated presidential run, MSNBC’s Krystal Ball said the former secretary of state is “not the right person for this moment.”

“We need someone who is clearly passionate, who is living and breathing and feeling in their bones the plight of the worker and the middle class, and who is unafraid to stand up to the Wall Street titans,” Ball said on “The Cycle” Tuesday. “That person is not Hillary Clinton. It is Elizabeth Warren.”

Criticizing Clinton for accepting $400,000 for two speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs events, Ball laid out her case for Warren, citing “causes that Warren champions, from consumer protections to expanding Social Security to increasing the minimum wage.”

“Despite all her talents, Clinton is not the woman to address the deep inequality, corporate political capture and middle-class rot afflicting our country,” she said. “So although I deeply admire and respect Secretary Clinton, I must say: Don’t run, Hillary. Don’t run.”

Watch Ball’s critique of Clinton via MSNBC:

Tell me Woman’s Day did not just give Bill Clinton an award by this name


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