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Tell me Woman’s Day did not just give Bill Clinton an award by this name

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No one’s ever said Bill Clinton didn’t love women in his own way.

In fact, most of the country over 20 years old or so knows more about Clinton’s way of loving – and the trail it can leave — than mere political awareness would require.

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So word that the former president and the foundation he heads were honored Tuesday  by Woman’s Day magazine drew more than a few laughs in the Twitter world.

And the award being called a “Red Dress” didn’t help matters.

For everyone who cares, Clinton was accepting the award on behalf of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation’s work against childhood obesity.

Everyone else — meaning everyone reading this — can check out some of the responses here, take a 16-year stroll down memory lane, and remember the most famous blue dress that ever came out of the White House.

Some offerings were a little more moralistic …

Some were downright grim …

One was simply speechless.

Some people know when to keep their mouth shut.


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