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Teachers banned from giving students ‘zeros’ in some Florida schools

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In a move that smacks of being rewarded for showing up, a school in Lake County, Florida has banned teachers from giving out “zeros” because the grade is “overly negative to the student.”

A concerned teacher provided the local ABC affiliate with a copy of an email sent out that stated, “No grades lower than a 50 per administration.”

“It’s overly negative to the student,” Lake County school district spokesperson Chris Patton told WFTV Channel 9. “I know you are trying to compare it to the real world, which we do want, but we also want students to have the opportunity to make changes and have second chances.”

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As reported, the directive benefits students when averaging grades, with the following example provided:

“The average between a 90 and a 50 is a C, but the average between a 90 and a 0 is an F.”

When asked if this teaches kids that there aren’t any consequences, Patton said, “There’s definitely consequences. More importantly, it teaches kids we want them to succeed, we want them to do well.”

Some parents are not in agreement with the ban on zeros.

“It made me realize I didn’t know everything I thought I did, and I need to try harder,” parent Tony Madaris told WFTV.

The school district did say that all Lake County schools are allowed to put the kibosh on zeros, but did not identify any other schools that may have done so.

The cable news station News 13 recently reported that Lake County Schools is under investigation for falsifying class sizes to avoid fines from the state, which came to light as a result of another teacher blowing the whistle.

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