House GOP takes stand against IRS attempt to ‘silence political speech’

House Republicans are determined to take a stand against the IRS. Fighting back against what they called a “blatant attempt to silence political speech,” Republicans on the […]

Tell me Woman’s Day did not just give Bill Clinton an award by this name

No one’s ever said Bill Clinton didn’t love women in his own way. In fact, most of the country over 20 years old or so knows more […]

Airport security confiscates tiny toy gun from Toy Story’s ‘Woody’ doll

In the never ending quest to keep the skies safe, security officers at London’s Heathrow Airport confiscated a miniature toy gun from a “Toy Story” Woody doll. […]

‘Islamist bullies at CAIR’ turn on American Muslim Navy vet

An American Muslim, Navy veteran and author who is a vocal opponent of the Council on American Islamic Relations says he’s being targeted by the group because […]

Congressional report assigns Benghazi blame to White House

A House subcommittee is placing responsibility for the Benghazi attack on the steps of the White House and the State Department. “What is absolutely breathtaking is the […]

Michelle Obama
Liberal media gush over Michelle Obama’s ‘$12k’ dress; ‘#Bowdown,’ says NBC News producer

In his State of the Union address, President Obama promised to make income inequality a priority in 2014, and first lady Michelle Obama seems determined to do […]

Justice Clarence Thomas: Northern liberal elites more racist toward me than southerners

The only sitting black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court told a gathering in West Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday that he was treated with more respect by […]

Obama WH state dinner
New bill would require WH dinners to follow same as school lunch guidelines

One Illinois Republican lawmaker has asked the White House and the Obama’s to stop being “hypocrites” and practice what they preach about nutrition. Tuesday night’s glutton-fest of […]

Crack Pipe Vending Machine
Crack pipe vending machines in Canada; could it happen here?

A Vancouver group has installed crack pipe vending machines in its drug-plagued downtown, stirring a worldwide debate. Advocates cite public health concerns, while opponents claim the move […]

Shirley temple
Mind-boggling hatred spews over ‘racist’ Republican Shirley Temple

In a world that has since brought us child stars like Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the hopeless Honey Boo Boo, Shirley Temple Black represented […]

Dangerous detainees with American blood on hands to be released in Afghanistan

Afghanistan announced Tuesday it plans to release 65 dangerous Afghan detainees, a move the U.S. military condemned because of the men’s role in killing and wounding American […]

NC Choose life plate
Federal appeals court rules state’s ‘Choose Life’ license plate unconstitutional

A federal court of appeals ruled Tuesday that North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plate is unconstitutional because there is no alternative pro-choice option available. The U.S. Court […]