Hollywood looking for payoff from 3 major Bible movies

Hollywood money is banking an administration bent on grinding religion to its knees in the United States, but three major movies for release in 2014 are banking on the country’s conservative Christian backbone.

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“The Son of God,” due out Feb. 28, is produced by the couple that made the History Channel’s hit series “The Bible” with actors largely unknown to American audiences. Two more – “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe and Anthony Perkins and “Exodus” starring Christian Bale as Moses – are hoping big-name stars can combine with the Old Testament to sell tickets.

“Noah” is due out in March; “Exodus” is scheduled for release in December, according to the Washington Times. Also in the pipeline is “Mary, Mother of Christ,” a prequel to 2004’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

With stars like Crowe, Perkins and Bale – along with Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver – the budgets for “Noah” ($130 million) and “Exodus” (likely in the same range) are proof that even in the Obama era, the money guys in Hollywood have more faith in the faith of Americans than the other-people’s-money guys do in Washington.

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And it’s not a bad bet. After Mel Gibson’s “Passion” was released on Ash Wednesday 2004, it blew away earnings projections – as well as carping from critics – to take in more than $370 million from a production budget of about $30 million. (The fact that it was a truly masterful production helped a lot.)

As a miniseries, “The Bible” drew more than 100 million viewers and received three Emmy nominations.

All those viewers, all that money, prove that no matter how much the media-entertainment complex pushes the liberal-left line, there’s no getting around the strength of the conservative culture in America.

And when movies like “Lone Survivor” and “Zero Dark 30” – where Americans are the good guys, even if war isn’t such a good thing — are smash hits, versus the lame-o liberal flops Hollywood put out during the Bush years (remember some poisonous dribble called “The Valley of Elah“?), it’s a wonder why it’s so hard for Hollywood to get the message that America is essentially a conservative country.

They’ll get the message this year, when it pays off.

As for the current overlords in D.C., who spend their days – and taxpayer dollars – trying to figure out a new way to beat up on the Little Sisters of the Poor, they never will.

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