George Soros’ ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’ goes nuts, hits him in face at hearing

Liberal moneybags George Soros was physically attacked by his ex-girlfriend of five years during a hearing Friday in her $50 million lawsuit for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Court papers filed by high-powered Hollywood attorney Marty Singer say potty-mouthed Brazilian actress Adriana Ferreyr became enraged and lunged at Soros before Singer could restrain her. The billionaire’s scorned ex-lover assaulted Singer as well.

According to the New York Post:

The papers filed Friday include an account by Singer — who also reps Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger — that Ferreyr “suddenly and without warning . . . lunged at Mr. Soros, who is 83-years-old, and struck his head with her hands, knocking off the headphones he was wearing to amplify the audio . . . Ms. Ferreyr pulled back her arm to strike Mr. Soros in the face. I was able to grab both of Ms. Ferreyr’s arms to move her away from Mr. Soros.”

Singer continued, “I let go of her arms. Ms. Ferreyr immediately swung at my face, knocking off my glasses. She then moved toward my glasses that had landed on the floor as if she were going to jump on them . . . I again grabbed her arms and moved her away from my glasses. After I let go of her arms, she resumed swinging at me and attempted to kick me.” Soros aide Jose Santos stepped in, and “Ferreyr slapped Mr. Santos across the face and kicked him in the shins.”

I predict this can only end one of two ways: A tell-all book or a gigantic payoff to avoid said tell-all book.

Let’s be honest, though, I’d be filled with rage after spending five years with the guy, too.

ABC News video explaining the lawsuit from 2011:

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