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Fox goes inside the super secret ‘best museum you’ve never seen’

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Espionage buffs, rejoice!

On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace took viewers “inside the best museum you’ve never seen” – the super secret CIA Museum.

Led by Toni Hiley, curator of the museum, spy fans were given a chance to see the gizmos and gadgets of U.S. spycraft over the years.

The museum, which is closed to the general public, is the first stop for every new CIA officer to learn about the agency’s history.

According to Wallace, only five percent of the 25,000 pieces in the collection are on display, as some of those items are still classified.

Artifacts on display include a personal letter written on a piece of Adolf Hitler’s stationary from then Office of Strategic Services agent Richard Helms, who would later become the director of the CIA, and the automatic rifle sitting near Osama bin Laden when the Navy SEALs raided the compound.

Also on display is the replica model of bin Laden’s compound, used in briefings with President Obama and to train the assault team who eventually captured and killed America’s most wanted terrorist.

Watch how coy Hiley becomes when Wallace asked if the agency could see inside bin Laden’s compound while gathering intelligence before the raid.

“That we can’t talk about,” she said.

Watch here via Fox News:

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