Can an MSNBC host run in a Republican presidential primary?

Could an MSNBC host be considering exchanging his seat on the “Morning Joe” program for a run  for the presidency? According to a Daily Caller report Monday, […]

Giant 18-foot python captured in Florida everglades

From the Washington Free Beacon: An 18-foot python was captured and killed in the Everglades last week, and could challenge the state record set last May of 18 feet, […]

student loan
Sallie Mae: How feds fuel student-loan fiasco

While wringing their hands over America’s student-loan crisis — a $1-trillion debt bubble resembling the 2008 mortgage meltdown — federal officials ought to look in the mirror. […]

Parking ticket prank
Parking ticket prank video going viral

If you know that sinking feeling you get when you spot a parking ticket on your windshield, or arrive at your car just in time to see […]

Iraqi suicide-bomb class gets fatal lesson from faulty teacher

Talk about final exams. Terrorists-in-training at a camp in Iraq got a quick, deadly lesson in the art of suicide bombing Monday when their instructor used a […]

phone person
Fla. welfare bill offers cash rewards to tattletale on fraud; ACLU disapproves

Florida welfare fraudsters beware. A bipartisan legislative effort designed to clobber public assistance abuse may soon send welfare perps to prison for a long time. Ripping off Medicaid, food […]

Piers Morgan reveals one of his true heroes, Twitter explodes

A CBS tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” has been a popular topic on Twitter since airing Sunday night. […]

Gun-control activist own efforts land him a felony charge for carrying gun to school

A New York gun-control activist who helped push the state’s new restrictions on the Second Amendment last year caused a major scare last week when he was […]

Iran publicly airs simulated bombings of USS Abraham Lincoln, US military targets

Though President Obama continues to play nice with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran continues to escalate anti-American propaganda all while provoking us by sending warships to […]

Dems go after Inspector General who alerted lawmakers to IRS targeting scandal

Two Democrat lawmakers have picked up the mantle from President Obama in deflecting from the possibility that the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny by […]

CIA museum
Fox goes inside the super secret ‘best museum you’ve never seen’

Espionage buffs, rejoice! On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace took viewers “inside the best museum you’ve never seen” – the super secret CIA Museum. Led by Toni […]

Hollywood looking for payoff from 3 major Bible movies

Hollywood money is banking an administration bent on grinding religion to its knees in the United States, but three major movies for release in 2014 are banking […]