‘Work is a beautiful thing’: Powerful 60 second video renews Americans’ pride

Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe teamed up with Wal-Mart to make a compelling video describing the most basic commodity of humankind — labor, and the dignity it provides.

Whether it’s digging a road-side ditch or solving a problem in quantum physics, the nobility of labor offers a satisfaction and fills a need that can’t be replaced by free health care or an EBT card.

It’s the sense of satisfaction a farmer gets at the end of the day while gazing on a freshly-plowed field, the way a factory worker feels seeing a pallet of newly-manufactured goods or how a writer sees his own words on a once-blank piece of paper. The response is the same: an inward smile at realization that “I did that.”

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Although President Obama continues to tout the number of jobs he’s created, the fact is, the labor participation rate is at its lowest since 1978, when Jimmy Carter was president, according to CNN/Money.

There are over 1 million fewer people working today than there were six years ago, according to CNS News.

The Affordable Care Act is going to cost an additional 2.5 million American jobs, according to recent Congressional Budget Office estimates.

Rather than argue with its figures, the Obama administration has been spinning the Congressional Budget Office report as a good thing — to allow Americans to spend more time with their family, to engage in the arts or to just relax.

But that ignores the truth of Rowe’s closing words in the video: “Work is a beautiful thing.”


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