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Veterans insulted; Texas school district cancels Memorial Day off

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Students in Texas’ Leander Independent School District won’t be taking the day off to commemorate Memorial Day this year.

The Austin suburb district had to choose make-up days due to the icy, inclement weather that kept them out of school for two days, and Memorial Day was one of them.

Memorial Day
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Not everyone is happy about the decision.

“I think it’s just disrespectful to the whole solemnity of the occasion,” James Crabtree, a parent and a U.S. Marine Corps reserve officer, told local ABC affiliate KVUE. “It’s the only day that our nation sets aside to honor our war dead. My battalion lost 10 good Marines when we were in Iraq, so that day to me is the day that we recognize their sacrifice as well as all of those who have died in our nation’s armed forces.”

There was no disrespect intended to military families or veterans, Leander School District’s Executive Director for School and Community Relations, Veronica Sopher said.

“There’s a lot of legal consideration that goes into making these decisions,” she told KVUE. “For instance, teacher contracts have already been written and they were issued months before the school year started. And we can’t extend work contracts. There are some very clear parameters that we can’t cross.”

The district needs more local control from the legislature, Sopher said, adding that only two days in the semester have been designated as make-up days, and they have two days to make up.

The school district plans to use the day as an educational experience, inviting veterans to speak at student assemblies about the meaning of Memorial Day.

But the schools were closed again on Friday, prompting a decision about adding another make-up day. Up for consideration is Feb. 17, President’s Day, and Friday, June 6, the day after the last scheduled day of school.

Watch the report via KVUE:

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