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US Olympic skater’s costume gets attention: ‘Bob Costas will probably lose his mind’

Photo: Ice Network

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American figure skaters Simon Shnapir and Marissa Castelli got the attention of more than the Olympic judges when they performed Saturday, as the presence of an empty shoulder holster that was part of Shnapir’s “Skyfall”-themed outfit stirred some predictable anti-gun groaning, especially in the Twitter world.

But the twitter reaction was overwhelmingly on the side of skating symbolism, according to tweets collected by Twitchy.com

And Shnapir himself says the costume is missing something important.

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The holster started a buzz  before the pair even left the ice.

Well, Costas hasn’t repeated one of his patented digressions in the hazards of guns yet in Sochi (maybe he’s waiting for the biathlon?), but that didn’t stop the predictable complaints from coming. A holster — even without a gun! — is apparently too threatening, too violent, too American for the gripers.

Some were tiresome.

Some were clueless.

And some, refreshingly, tried to use humor to make their point.

But the gun rights crowd had their number.

And if Shnapir had had his way, the drama queens would have had a lot more to complain about.

While he ends the pairs’ routine using his fingers to simulate holding a weapon, he told USA Today he’d have preferred something closer to the real thing

“It’s supposed to be (a gun), but we wanted to keep it, you know, as PG-friendly and non-violent as possible,”he told the paper. “But I think without the gun it sort of loses the whole Bond appeal.”



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