Straight-faced man makes epic mockery of city council over gun ban


Some Oregon elected officials considering a ban on loaded guns in public were mocked mercilessly for the proposal.

An Ashland, Ore., resident on Monday used “satire to point out the idiocy of the proposed ordinance” to City Council members, according to a video posted by Guns Save Lives.

Oregon is an open-carry state, which means no license is required unless carrying a concealed firearm.

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The city of Portland passed its own ordinance prohibiting loaded guns in public places, and the Oregon Supreme Court upheld the law, according to the ABA Journal.

Ashland is proposing a ban similar to Portland’s, the Ashland Daily Tidings reported.

The resident speaking before the City Council said he represents Citizens for a Really Safe Ashland, explaining that his group wants to “capitalize on the desire to act in a timely manner, or even in a knee-jerk, expedited manner, to introduce a comprehensive public safety ordinance that, while perhaps not actually addressing any genuine or legitimate issues, does serve to promote a divisive and partisan agenda.”

He then offered a few suggestions on how to make the city “really safe.”

The group “mocks knee-jerk gun control laws to the point of absurdity,” Dan Cannon wrote in Guns Save Lives. “How he kept a straight face the entire time is beyond me.”

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663 thoughts on “Straight-faced man makes epic mockery of city council over gun ban

  1. Mary Hunter says:

    If they were not using guns to begin with then why should they use bombs. The idea was guns do not make it easier in the US- the people here will use whatever they need to get the job done in their eyes.

  2. Jeff McCain says:

    I propose we lock the children in their closets and feed them bread and water for their safety….

  3. gb93433 says:

    He forgot to include pot. It is legal in many states.

  4. Keith Hansen says:

    Absolutely awesome. A++++++

  5. Pissed Off American says:

    Any way we can get this Lad to go before Congress and the House of Representatives with his initiative? Maybe we can start a Nationwide “Citizens for a really safe America” group. Of course this would eventually end up relieving all of the Socialist conformers of their duties. But that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

  6. Denise Bowen says:

    Love it!

  7. JFrary says:

    That citizen’s ability to keep a straight-face throughout his speech required a downright heroic strength of will. I suspect, however, that the unvarying solemnity of the woman behind him may be due to a way-low cognitive wattage..

  8. Scarlett says:


  9. Retired vet says:

    Brilliant and coming from a former European, devastating.

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