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Russian TV covers up Olympic opening ceremonies failure

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When the snowflakes dropped into place to form the five Olympic rings during Friday’s opening ceremonies, everything worked perfectly for Russian viewers watching on Rossiya 1.

But for the rest of the world watching network coverage, the fifth snowflake stalled, causing the fireworks to fail.

Konstantin Ernst, executive creative director of the opening ceremony, told reporters during a news conference that when he saw the problem with the fifth ring, he directed the control room to replace the footage with video recorded during the successful rehearsal.

“This is an open secret,’’ he said, according to NBC affiliate WPTV. ‘‘This is certainly bad, but it does not humiliate us.’’

Of course, in the world of Twitter, nothing remains a secret:

The Telegraph published an Associated Press photograph of Russian President Vladimir Putin watching the event from his suite before entering the stadium. The flawless production can be seen on his television:

AP photo via The Telegraph

“It didn’t show on television, thank God,” Jean Claude-Killy, International Olympic Committee coordination commission chair for the Sochi Games, told The AP.

The prime time fail led some to wonder about the fate of the fifth snowflake:

Watch the report here via The Telegraph:

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