Laura Ingraham takes on George Will, entire Fox panel over immigration reform

IngrahamTalk radio host Laura Ingraham found herself outnumbered on a “Fox News Sunday” panel debating immigration reform, clashing with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will on the economic impact of any such action.

Host Chris Wallace set things up with a reference to a Wall Street Journal editorial critical of House speaker John Boehner for retreating on reform, saying a lack of action will result in “de facto amnesty.”

“As far as I can tell, the Wall Street Journal is on the side of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Pat Leahy and La Raza,” Ingraham said, pointing out that the editorial was critical of talk radio for forcing Boehner‘s hand.

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“I think they should put down their dog-eared copy of ‘Fountainhead’ and actually live in the real world where people’s wages are flat lining.”

Wallace interceded to say, “I think what we’re seeing here is a split inside the Republican Party between two staunch conservatives.”

Will responded by detailing the economic impact of reform, based in part on a “need” to replenish the workforce.

“Do we care about American workers at all?” Ingraham interjected.

“Laura, you’re the one who’s arguing the AFL-CIO argument,” Will replied.

“So why have a border at all?” Ingraham said, shifting the discussion to securing the border.

“There is no will to enforce the border,” she told Will. “There is no faith in this administration to do it. The Republican elites and the Democratic elites agree, and the people are revolting across this country.”

Tom Tillison


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