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‘I’m not a sitting duck’: Woman uses shotgun to send intruders running

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A Los Angeles woman at home with her 90-year-old mother had a message for two would-be home invaders who tried to make her home their second target of the night.

And she delivered it with a shotgun blast.

carla0209“I’m not a sitting duck,” the woman told KTTV-Fox 11.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning, KTTV reported, when two burglars began working a neighborhood in Cheviot Hills, a well-off section of Los Angeles. After breaking into one home through the garage and robbing it while its residents slept about 3 a.m., they turned their attention to a second on a neighboring block.

Where they ran into Carla and her shotgun.

Carla, who wanted to keep her last name out of the papers, told KTTV she was wakened by her dog barking. Looking out the window, she said, she saw one man in her backyard, and a second standing near a car.

While her mother slept, Carla got her weapon, went outside in her nightgown and fired into the ground.

Message received.

“That crazy bitch has a gun,” Carla said one of the men screamed before the two fled in a white sedan.

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Carla had a message for other potential home invasion victims too – and maybe even for the anti-gun activists who think the Second Amendment was written for a time that’s now past.

“You have to at some point in time, take responsibility for your own safety,” she said. “That’s all I was doing.”


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