Thanks a lot Mrs. Obama, now kids can’t have candy hearts for Valentine’s Day

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Brightly colored candy hearts inscribed with special messages have been a Valentine’s Day staple for more than a century. But one school in Connecticut has no appetite for the so-called “motto hearts.”

Or for any candy, for that matter.

The principal of Harwinton Consolidated School sent an email to parents telling them not to attach candy to Valentine’s Day cards their children bring to school, Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported.

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“We are asking for parents/guardians to be sure that food products of any kind are not a part of your child’s Valentine’s cards,” the email said. “We are working to encourage healthy practices as well as manage food choices in classrooms where food allergies are present in order to maintain a safe environment.”

It sounds like first lady Michelle Obama‘s healthy lunch program may have had some influence on the decision.

“Last year, the kids came home with tons of Valentine’s cards with pieces of candy attached,” parent Stacey Sefcik told Starnes in a telephone interview. “It was never an issue.”

Banning candy isn’t the only way the school is stamping out fun.

According to one teacher, students may exchange cards, but they should expect “academic Valentine activities” instead of a party.

The candy hearts, though, will do just fine without Harwinton’s approval.

NBC’s “Today” show reported that approximately 100,000 pounds of candy hearts are sold each day from Jan. 1 up to Valentine’s Day, and the iconic messages have been updated to include “Tweet Me” and “Email Me.”

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