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Sneak preview? See how Sen. Rand Paul looks in the Oval Office

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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., stopped by Glenn Beck’s Dallas studios for an interview in a mock Oval Office, offering a sneak preview to those who hope to see him in the real thing someday.

While Paul would not sit behind the faux presidential desk, “President Rand Paul” had something to say to the American people.

“What I would say is: Good evening, America, speaking to you from the Oval Office in Dallas, Texas,” Paul said in a serious tone. “And if you’re listening to me now, you know we had to remove the capital to Texas, because it was the only place left in the country where there was economic freedom and economic growth.”

Beck laughed.

“You know what? I can actually hear that!” he said. “This is the only place where there’s any kind of economic freedom.”

Nobody really wants to be president anymore, Beck said.

“What drives you, to sit behind that [desk]?” he asked.

Fear of the future, and hope for the future, Paul said.

“The fear is, if we keep going into the direction we are, we’re all going to be enslaved,” he said.

Watch the rest of Paul’s comments in the “Oval Office” here via The Blaze:

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