Sean Hannity pays up on bet, grills dinner for ‘The Five’ co-hosts

Now that the Super Bowl is over, all that’s left is to pay up on bets lost – which Fox News’ Sean Hannity did Thursday.

Hannity bet “The Five’s” Andrea Tantaros that the Denver Broncos would win, putting a steak dinner for all five hosts on the line.

In his first appearance on the show, Hannity brought shrimp cocktail, salad and a lemon cake, but the highlight of the evening was his grilling finesse, which was on full display.

“I’m gonna be out here grilling, and I am gonna come in and serve,” Hannity said. “Peyton Manning let me down, but I’m not gonna let my friends at ‘The Five’ down.”

Once the steaks were served, co-host Bob Beckel revealed that Hannity was a short-order cook prior to his radio career.

Tantaros said Hannity may be Fox News’ top chef.

“This is delicious,” she said.

Beckel also bet on the game with co-host Eric Bolling, with the loser having to wear the winner’s shirt of choice. Since Bolling took the winning Seattle Seahawks, Beckel is being forced to wear a hideous shirt on Friday’s show. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Watch Hannity chew the fat with “The Five” here:

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