Panel shuts down Juan Williams’ lame defense of Lois Lerner

Things got tense when conservative columnists Charles Krauthammer and George Will once again had to school Democratic apologist Juan Williams on the seriousness of the IRS targeting scandal.

Fox News “Special Report” guest anchor Chris Wallace asked Will if the controversy was a “legitimate concern,” given that the Justice Department investigation is headed by a large donor to both of Obama’s presidential campaigns.

“Sure,” he said. “There are six ongoing investigations, not one of them finished yet: two in the House, two in the Senate, one in Treasury and one in Justice. Subtract the two from the administration because it can’t be trusted to investigate itself — still, not one of them has come to a conclusion.”

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Wallace asked Williams if he was concerned that disgraced former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner is now being touted as an “expert” on a government committee seeking to tighten rules on tax-exempt organizations.

“Doesn’t that taint anything the IRS may do with these regulations?” Wallace asked.

“No, she’s an expert,” he responded.

When Wallace pointed out that Lerner exercised her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying, Williams said the only reason she did so was “to not be exposed to a browbeating” and “not get involved with this political frenzy on Capitol Hill.”

Krauthammer found Lerner’s “expert” designation humorous.

“An expert on this, I love that,” he told Williams. “You bring her in as an expert on stuff that she was involved in. I don’t want to draw other analogies, but Al Capone was an expert on a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t have had him on a commission on law enforcement, although he had a lot of expertise on that. Of course, I’m not comparing the two.”


20 thoughts on “Panel shuts down Juan Williams’ lame defense of Lois Lerner

  1. Texas Belle says:

    Krauthammer and Will together make quite a pair on Fox News; I was happy to see George come to Fox from ABC. The group on ABC always tried to shout him down and drown out his comments.. Juan’s statements are just lame and pointless because liberals cannot defend themselves on policy.

  2. G21 says:

    For a brief introduction to the primitive superstitions of the ideology of socialism, I generally recommend Igor Shafarevich’s brilliant essay Socialism in Our Past and Future.

  3. chiefpontiac says:

    Juan didn’t learn his lesson from getting his pee pee smacked at NPR for doing his own profiling of Muslims….

  4. Michael Nunez says:

    In this article, neo-marxist democrat Peter Orszag openly wages ideological warfare against our sacred Constitution:

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