Greta Van Susteren: Fox News should put Jay Leno in same time slot to teach NBC a lesson!

While Sean Hannity confessed on his show Thursday that he’s “getting sadder” by the day to see “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno leave, fellow Fox News host Greta Van Susteren came up with a plan of action for the late night comedian.

Hannity remarked that although Leno was always his favorite, he began appreciating him all the more “when Letterman started getting mean and liberal.”

“In Touch” senior editor Kim Serafin agreed. “He’s just a good, genuine person,” she said.

“Jay Leno’s number 1,” Hannity said. “Why do you get rid of the number 1 guy in every demo?”

Watch the exchange via Fox News.

Instead of bemoaning Leno’s departure, Van Susteren saw it as an opportunity.

In an “off the record” comment, she questioned NBC’s decision to get rid of one of its few remaining stars, before adding this suggestion:

“I think Fox broadcast should quickly grab Jay Leno. Put him at the same time slot,” she said. “That would teach NBC a big lesson.”

Watch Van Susteren’s “off the record” commentary via Fox News, then check out “Heated Trey Gowdy makes mincemeat of Obama’s no ‘smidgen of corruption’ statement.”


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