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NBC News reporter’s computer, cellphone hacked upon arrival in Sochi

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NBC News’ Richard Engel found out firsthand how sophisticated Russian computer hackers are after his arrival in Sochi.

Engel had American computer security expert, Kyle Wilhoit, set up two computers with fake identities and phony contact lists to see how long it would take to be hacked. Almost immediately, Engel received a suspicious email, which allowed the hacker access to his laptop.

“In a minute, hackers were snooping around,” Engel said. “The same thing happened with my cellphone. It was very fast and very professional.”

As thousands of Americans arrive for the Olympic games in Sochi, the first thing many will do is to log on, Engel said. Many are unaware that not only can data be hijacked, but cellphone calls can be tapped and recorded.

“The State Department warns that travelers should have no expectation of privacy,” Engel told Brian Williams on NBC’s “Nightly News.” “Even in their hotel rooms. And as we found out, you are especially exposed as soon as you try and communicate with anything.”

Watch Engel’s report here via NBC News:

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