Horrifying, hilarious images of conditions in Sochi shared by journalists

The Sochi side story of journalists live tweeting their horrifying experiences in and around the Olympic city has become like a train wreck you can’t help but watch – albeit, safely from the comfort of your very American couch.

Just a glance at the headlines from The Drudge Report Thursday morning tell a story:

“Fans No Show,” “Race to kill all stray dogs before Friday opening ceremony,” “Residents Ordered to Surrender Their Pillows to Athletes,” “Stranger Enters WSJ Reporter’s Room in Middle of Night,” and so on.

NBC News reporter’s computer, cellphone hacked upon arrival in Sochi

And then over to Twitter for the nightmarish tales coming fast and furious under the hashtag #SochiProblems:






Janeen Capizola

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243 thoughts on “Horrifying, hilarious images of conditions in Sochi shared by journalists

  1. 123 says:

    Okay this is not good. They are representing countries of the world and what?!?! Sochi, you better do better!

  2. Alondra says:

    LIE !!! LIE !!! LIE !!!

    ALL this Swindle is organized by the Lying Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal and Johnny al-Kerry in the vengeance for Syria.

    Do you remember Putin prevented the Kenyan invasion in Syria which was so spun by al-Kerry.

    How devilishly pathetic these skunks are.

    1. heroay says:

      Dear Alondra, nice to ‘see’ you around… Listen, if you haven’t yet, why don’t you take a look at this magnificent, gorgeous, amazing, colorful (and the ENVY of all these ashkenazi PUNKS smudging Sochi, and this tread), beginning of the Olympics? And pass on; let’s expose and ridicule the zionist parasite neanderthals, who will NEVER have the brains in their huge cranium for something similar… Chiao!


      1. Alondra says:

        Dear Heroay, So glad here from you.

        Today I am out from PLD. I banned myself.
        Click on the link and read my Good-Bye comments early you can because they will be deleted.http://personalliberty.com/2014/02/03/obamas-solar-energy-boondoggle/#comment-1239342184

        You do not know one fact. The day Bob Livingston banned you, he banned me temporary for 1.5 week. Then I got e-mail from him where he notified me that ban is lifted.

        Thank you for your link, I watched the photos.
        I saw some on Yahoo. I left there comment, but deranged deleted it. I just can’t believe that people are so stupid and permit the Mr. EVIL to rule and to screw up their lives.

        I’ll talk you later. Let me know if you could to read my comments on PLD.

        1. heroay says:

          Dear, dear, how “sad”… Am “sorry” you won’t be able to WASTE any more time arguing with descended monkees from planet of the apes, with a possibility THEY may be able to regress you DOWN to the level of their fractal brain dis-function… Including, the Class Master, cen-Sore Supremo Livid-stone. That JOINT is cram full of ashkenazi trolls. And ONCE you expose one of these as such, the cen-Sores will target you for ‘elimination’. Am always GLAD it has happened before. Once they are X-Posed, no sense in wasting time amongst pig droppings on the floor. And yes, i copied ALL your replies for further ‘analysis’… Here, some worthy reading for the coming weekend, to plug their mouths… (out of a LONG list)

          ►A Real Case Against the Jews (Marcus Eli Ravage)
          ►Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs (Rabbi Boruch Lesches)
          ►Imagine a World Without Jews (Carol A. Valentine)
          ►Jew Conspired Open Immigration, 1914 – 1965 (Balder.org)
          ►Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
          ►The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)

          1. Alondra says:

            Yeah, I got your sarcastic “sad” and “sorry”, my dear Heroya.

            Now I am feeling good, relax, because the fight with the Deranged Psychopath takes a lot energy. And I did try to avoid them, but they were hunting me and some of them lost their sleep over me. For the Deranged boob666 it was full-time job. He follows me all over an internet. And these “downs” for you and me he gave. He thinks that by his “downs” he is biting me. Poor creature.

            After you defended me on PLD he included you in his black list. Click on your Avatar and then click on “followers” and you’ll see him. His Mentality on the wheelchair – totally Mentally Sick. It’s called Obsessive Psychopathic Mania.

            You say that you copied “ALL replies”. They aren’t ALL. 2/3 are deleted and I am really surprised that not ALL are deleted. Maybe in the couple days they just vanish. I will post them on my FaceBook, but first I have to find out how to do it. I am computer illiterate. My son & my daughter know all this stuff. They are working with computers. We used to live in one town [my son 1.5 Light Stops from me (5min), and my daughter 3.5 Light Stops (8 min)]. But now my son is 50 min. driving and daughter– 35-40 min

            We are here under surveillance and I would like to ask you something, but not here. Can you contact me thru my FB? If yes, tell me what link I have to give you. My son was visiting me today, but I forgot to ask him.

            Your list I will check on weekends. You know that we agree on the Khazars aka Ashkenazi, but disagree on Israel.

            These days I have to clean up my e-mail box and my files.

            Be safe. Love & Peace.

            P.S. Do not forget about FB link.

          2. heroay says:

            Dear Alondra, i don’t care for that looney monkee bOObs666 on my tail. i made the monkee change his diapers (avatar) after i ridiculed it (and him) long enough. He/she hasn’t ‘followed’ me anywhere that i noticed. Maybe because every time he appeared, i just SPAT on him??…

            Anyway, i HAVE to use FakeBoot ONLY because i have to kick ashkenazi warped mouths, and so do Disqus. But i DELETE all i can there at every chance, therefore i cannot even suggest how to communicate within these premises…

            However, i got me a temporary email account where you can send me an email with your questions, then i will give you my real email, since i have a LOT of material you may be interested to READ, and save you search time for it…

            …Or pass along to your anti-mongrel, anti-neanderthal friends. Or, just for newbies, before they are blindfolded and led to the Pit by these lying sons of ………the devil…

            Now when you reply there, please include to the best of your recollection…

            ►Who found who?… You, me; or me, you?
            ►At which web site?…
            ►4 Languages: English, __________, ___________, __________.

            [email protected] (Yes, i am quite innocent… almost angelical…)

          3. Alondra says:

            Delete your e-mail from your post. I got it.
            Talk you later.
            Love & Peace.

          4. heroay says:

            Mmmm…. WHY do i suspect you don’t have an email account? If so, drop a line here, will guide you step by step, and at the last step, YOU select a password, and ONLY YOU can get in there, to send, receive, and/or download email-documents-pics-video clips-books and YES, all the PEER-rated copies you may want…. ‘PEER-rated’, get it?

            This site i re-found is actually GOOD for playing OUR email game, not THEIRS: disqus, faceboot, twister, etc., all, ashkenazi spy joints to PROFILE Gentile users.

          5. Alondra says:

            I have e-mail. I was to busy today. And now I am fighting in WT with the Homos:

            I just did my last reply and I’m going to bad. My pillow is calling me.

            I give you my e-mail, but I will delete it right away.

          6. heroay says:

            Danke, danke! See? you say you are computer illiterate, yet you just taught me something today… Got BOTH your addies… Interesting HOW it works, i may use the ‘procedure’ next time the need comes around… Fell asleep on the puter, gonna go to bed now, call you later, dear Alondra!

            And FIGHT these punks even in your dreams, if they DARE come around… it WORKS!….

          7. Alondra says:

            Let me know if you got.
            I already deleted, because the beast666 follows my postings.
            Follow me on Avatar

  3. Bruno's Beach says:

    Reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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