Charlie Crist invokes ‘my friend Jeb Bush’ to explain why he turned Democrat

Charlie Crist is trying to repair his image, but it’s not clear if his new book is helping or hurting him.

Crist made appearances on cable talk shows this week to plug “The Party’s Over.

On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Wednesday he began his predictable excuses for leaving the Republican Party, conveniently forgetting to mention the fact that Marco Rubio was cleaning his clock in a race for an open U.S. Senate seat in 2010, prompting a “Hail Mary” switch to Independent. The move caused his GOP followers to reject him as an opportunist and a traitor.

Crist officially switched to Democrat in December 2012.

In the Morgan interview, he stepped up the GOP-bashing by invoking a quote from another former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, who spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference last year about inclusion.

“I think I’ll quote my friend Jeb Bush. He said it better than I ever could,” Crist said. “Today’s Republican Party, at least the leadership, is perceived as being anti-women, anti-minority, anti-immigrant, anti-education, anti-gay couples, anti-environment.”

Crist left off  Bush’s conclusion, though. “I’m here to tell you there is no us or them,” Bush said. “The face of the Republican Party needs to be the face of every American, and we need to be the party of inclusion and acceptance.”

In an interesting sidenote: A CNN article, with the transcript of the interview, edits out the words “my friend” before Jeb Bush. Here is the screenshot.

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Video from YouTube, Poppy Harper

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