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Palin’s punishment for rejecting Crist, a Taylor Swift-like mention in new book

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Sarah Palin wasn’t chummy enough for Charlie Crist.

sarahpalincharliecrist0205According to an excerpt from his book “The Party’s Over,” Florida’s most famous political turncoat paints a portrait of Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign as being too aloof for the glad-handing then-governor (who was a Republican at the time).

Describing Palin, Crist writes,

“She sat by herself on the bus, read some briefing papers and took a few notes. That’s highly unusual for a political personality.  People in our business tend to be outgoing and gregarious … I tried to be friendly. ‘Anything I can do for you just let me know,’ I said cheerily. ‘Thank you,’ was all she answered, her words almost encased in ice … After we’d been riding on the bus a while, she went all the way to the back to be totally alone.  She seemed very uncomfortable around anyone, almost as if she didn’t want to engage in conversation and reveal what she did or didn’t know.”

Some readers, like the ones at the Barracuda Brigade website that provided this excerpt, might take that to mean Palin was too busy actually working on the campaign to socialize. Maybe.

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Others, like Crist, might take it to mean Palin was lacking people skills. That would mean a formerly small-town Alaska mayor who rocketed to the national stage mainly on the strength of her personality and convictions  (and has remained there for going on six years now) somehow lacks certain people skills.  Doubtful.

(It’s also doubtful she was trying to conceal “what she did or didn’t know.” That probably sounded clever to Charlie’s lib editors, but comes across as a catty, cowardly jab to adults.)

Which really leaves the most obvious conclusion — one countless 10th-grade boys have reached after getting treated similarly by a member of the opposite sex who was out of their league:

Sarah Palin didn’t like Charlie Crist, and really didn’t care if he knew it.

Wonder why?


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