Laughing stock: Israeli settlers publish spoof mocking John Kerry’s peace deal incompetence

Following days of harsh criticism from top Israeli officials over Sec. of State John Kerry’s recent comments during the Middle East peace talks that prompted National Security Advisor Susan Rice to issue a public chastisement about “personal attacks,” a new online video mocking Kerry’s incompetence has been published.

According to The Telegraph:

Israel’s Yesha [settlers] Council has posted online a deliberately disrespectful spoof depicting America’s top diplomat – played by an actor resembling John Kerry – riding a camel and making a series of preposterous statements that belittle his understanding of the region’s complexities.

At one point, the Mr Kerry character is seen down-playing the importance of the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, in Jerusalem’s old city.

“Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing,” the actor says. “We must realise it is holy to all religions – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and Hobbits. But what I’m saying is: ‘why fight over an old wall?’

“I’ll build you a brand new wall, close to the beach.”

A woman with an American accent is then seen telling him: “I think you should go home, where you belong, and stay there.”

Kerry’s warning in Munich last weekend that Israel could face an economic boycott if it doesn’t reach a peace agreement with Palestine prompted harsh response from Israeli officials, including one minister to accuse Kerry of “acting as a mouthpiece for anti-Semitic boycott threats.”

Those attacks prompted Rice to issue a series of tweets Monday night, but did not deter the Yesha Council from publishing the spoof video:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.23.40 AM

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Janeen Capizola

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100 thoughts on “Laughing stock: Israeli settlers publish spoof mocking John Kerry’s peace deal incompetence

  1. Helga Stintzcum says:

    Matt McLaughlin…..”Bibi” completely understands the situation in Israel….YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T…..

  2. Helga Stintzcum says:

    Jim, your grammar is atrocious!!! They “stoled” the land???? Your history needs some work too.

    1. NoCrud says:

      Jim is some snooty foreigner that thinks like The Obamaroid does, that America does not deserve to be Number One in the world. In fact, Jim may be one of the Bro’hood buddies of The Obamaroid. Down deep, though, Jim is eaten up with jealousy. That is why he keeps condemning America. Probably could not even get a visa to come here.

      1. Atheist Ghostbuster says:

        Tell me something Mr. NoCrud…how exactly does one fly the RED, WHITE and BLUE as to display his dedicated patriotism, but yet let his disdain for the current administration make him side with a FOREIGN nation??? How exactly do you square that circle? Don not misconstrue my question to mean that I have in anyway shape or form a soft spot for this administration…or all those in my life time for that matter! I’m just not a party parrot and I don’t form opinions based on right vs left, but rather right vs wrong! I’m not sure why any free thinking person would play into the the right vs left paradigm, which only benefits the treasonous coin operated politicians??

        1. NoCrud says:

          Aha, another proud Atheist.

          Do you deserve a reply? You are no doubt one of those who take anything someone says and tries to address it as if talking to a child while assuming the erroneous position of one who knows all and can pass judgment on others.

          Since you are undoubtedly a genius. go off somewhere quiet and answer your own questions. I do not waste time on fools.

          1. Jeff Simon says:

            The true god of the liberal atheist is the State and the Progressive Agenda. That is why they hate so vehemently. Conservatives questioning or critiquing Obama are heretics who are defying the god they DO believe in.

            Obama is like Santa Claus… a bearer of gifts for the Liberal. They are desperate to stay of his and Killary’s “Naughty” list.

          2. Atheist Ghostbuster says:

            Another party parrot employing the “he’s just a Liberal” defense. He can speak for himself…or can he? Do you morons carry a how to “conservative” handbook that dictates your responses to everything you have to take a position on? That’s a rhetorical question! Now since you decided to stick your nose in this, where in the hell did I defend Obama or give the impression that I am a “liberal”? You are just as bad as the far left who declare me a “right wing extremist” because I oppose gay marriage, unfettered welfare, government corruption & waste, high taxes, etc…Neither you or your treasonous co-defendant have the right to go against your own country for a foreign nation because you hate the current administration and not be called out on it! Domestic criticism of the president is fair game and justified in many cases, however TRUE patriots draw the line when it comes to the USA vs ANY FOREIGN NATION! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Jeff Simon says:

            I don’t know whether you are liberal or conservative. My speculation – drawn from your inability to use paragraphs, your misinterpretation of what I said and your emotionally overcharged reaction – is leaning towards the conclusion that you are a very young hysteric without healthcare.

            Lacking pharmacuetical reinforcement you seek catharsis spewing hatred from the safety and anonymity of the internet. If anything, I would classify you as an atheist and nihilist who hates everything for the sake of hate itself. You are probably totally narcissistic and thus love nothing beyond yourself. It must be a lonely and empty life; believing in nothing beyond your own gratification.

            Basically, I believe you are a petty and insignificant person. Don’t talk at me; I have much better things to invest my time in than responding to a vitriolic adolescent troll.

          4. Atheist Ghostbuster says:

            Wow! A cyber psychic parrot. Talk about “talented”…you were able to gather all of that information about me based on me not using paragraphs (as if this were a formal setting that demanded proper writing structure) and what you claim was a “misinterpretation” of what you said (which could never have been the case, as your post is there for all to see). But yet you call me “narcissistic”???

            >>>LOOK…NEW PARAGRAPH>>>>
            Just for laughs, I’ll just tell you how wrong you are. I am far from young, don’t hate anyone but party parrots, sheep and treasonous Americans, I have a wonderful wife, children and friends!

            Basically, I believe you are an old fart, who believes anyone who disagrees with his “conservative” playbook is of inferior intelligence, meanwhile you are the one following an ideology like a total sheep! Next time MIND YOUR BUSINESS and then you don’t have to worry about “talking” to me!

          5. Jeff Simon says:

            BUSTER: Perhaps you ARE far from young. Why do I have that impression? Because with your tirades, your constant ad hominems and your almost constant hyperbole you debate in a fashion that indicates an IMMATURE mind.

            •NEWSFLASH•. _YOU_ do not get to decide what is my business or what is not my business. This is a PUBLIC Forum. By posting here a poster implicitly agrees in order to express their opinion in public, the poster has offered his or her statements up to all participants for a type of “Peer Review”. In other words: You can state any opinion HOWEVER that opinion is subject to rebuttal by other participants.

            Which brings me to: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? What an astounding hubris to imagine that you have the power to instruct me to mind “my business”. Buy a clue, “Ghost Buster”. You are nobody. NOBODY.

            However your new use of paragraphs is very attractive. It makes it much easier for my doddering Forty Seven year old mind to appreciate the true enormity of your ego. When all your homilies and dogma are scattered in one giant Emo missive it makes it difficult for my senility riddled mind to filter out the occasional gems of logical coherance from the general detrius of your constant gravel stream of hateful, dismissive dogma.

            Now that we understand each other somewhat: Bullet Point– Who do you think you are? I contend that you are a NOBODY who takes undue pleasure in the “sound” of their own “voice”. What are you gonna do about it? Ad Hominem me to death? Krush me with you Keyboard Kowboy powers? Should I be REALLY afraid right now?

          6. Atheist Ghostbuster says:

            A VERY PROUD Atheist indeed!!! Nothing could be better than freedom from sheephood, intolerance and ignorance!!!!
            I’ll take your response to be the parrot’s version of “the right to remain silent” and admission that there is no rational answer!

            Not to worry, your golden penis shaped dreidel awaits you in “heaven” for siding with Israel over your own country…OY VEY!!!

  3. Helga Stintzcum says:

    FreedomTrainUSA…..didn’t they hang him??

    1. NoCrud says:

      What scars the Izlamists the most is the real threat of being fed to the pigs. For some people, terrorist or not, this would be too good for them.

  4. lighthorse16 says:

    I didn’t realize Bizpac review is an Israeli propaganda service.

    1. SusieQ says:

      The comments made are in reaction to the socialists propaganda in the white house at the present time, apparently not representing the people of this country.

      1. lighthorse16 says:

        Allies don’t try to murder Americans in International Waters, Allies don’t commit acts of treason against their “allies”, Allies don’t try to get America to fight their Wars. If you are an American you might like to do some research on your “allies” and if you are proud to be American you will fly the flag during the USS Liberty remembrance day. You should ask the survivors who you allies are.

        1. Atheist Ghostbuster says:

          Hey lighthorse, don’t waste your time. These people are only “patriots” until it comes to Israel, then they become a bunch of Pollards! These parrots don’t even know that Israel has refused to sigh a mutual defense treaty with the US on several occasions. Meanwhile, in Washington the AIPAC whores are selling there souls and our interests for the proverbial 2 two pieces of silver!

  5. Jeff Simon says:

    It is not enough to censor American’s right to free speech hiding under the cloak of Political Correctness… Obama’s Administration wants to tell the Israelis what they can say too.

  6. Modres says:

    Actually, the deaths in Benghazi and the stonewalling by the Obama admin to get to the truth are unacceptable. Kerry is duplicitous. But they’re all cut from the same cloth.

  7. Katherine Noel Mumford says:


  8. Charles says:

    I enjoyed the sketch. I think it is how many people not of our country pictures our current administration. Historically the land now called Israel was well owned by them for many centuries, of the 6000 years of recorded human habitation the Hebrews inhabited the land their for the lions share of those centuries. Yet there has been conflict with the Arabs for about the same amount of time. We will not change it, they will not change it and the blood is not done being spilled there. They are traditional enemy’s and we will not solve their problems.

  9. Jimbo Velasquez says:

    John Kerry & Susan Rice are totally unacceptable.

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