Fox News topped all cable networks in prime time — even ESPN

FNC’s prime time lineup / Photo credit:

Last week was a milestone for Fox News. Not only did it continue to dominate all cable news programming, but its prime time viewership even surpassed all basic cable programming.

Fox News Channel’s audience of 2.3 million prime-time viewers surpassed even consistent frontrunners like USA and ESPN during Super Bowl week, from Jan. 27 through Feb. 2, Nielsen Media Research reported, according to The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller reported:

Much of Fox’s success was fueled by the slew of high-profile political events taking place last week — events the other news networks apparently failed to capitalize upon. Fox’s State of the Union coverage and analysis was ranked highly, as was President Obama’s interview with Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday.

When Roger Ailes launched Fox News on Oct. 6, 1996, CNN founder Ted Turner claimed he would squash the upstart “like a bug.” Turner’s boast was no doubt fueled by Ailes’ stated goal for Fox — to surpass CNN within five years. Everyone laughed and said it couldn’t be done. Everyone was right — it took five years and six months, according to Fox.

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During the Super Bowl week that Fox domnated, CNN wasn’t even in the running, attracting only 600,000 viewers to come in 29th.

After CNN President Jeff Zucker claimed the GOP was being run out of the offices of NewsCorp, Fox News’ parent company, Ailes shot back that CNN was “out of the news business.”

Whether out of the news business or not, one thing’s for sure — CNN seems to be getting out of the audience business.


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